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The world today offers tremendous opportunity to reach more people than ever before. And yet, clickbait and the skip button have taught us all to ignore most of what’s sitting— or screaming— in front of us.

How do you share your business with the right people in this environment?

Through stories that build connection. The brands you love the most build stories that resonate and build their relationship with you over time. Whether it’s about babies getting a good night’s sleep because of Pampers, or people beating the odds through hard work with Nike, or knowing that a trip to Disney Parks will create a magical experience for you… these are brands that know the power of great stories. The future of marketing is building connections with your audience where you can earn their attention.

At Bright Stories, we have experience in Consumer and B2B marketing, and have worked across industries to create communications strategies and business plans that deliver strong results.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to create and execute superior branding & omni-channel communication plans that drive connection with your customers, contact us to see how we can help.

In today's market, marketing is about connection with great story and a plan to find the right audience.png

Areas of Expertise

brand management

We have experience driving success on global and US businesses across all life stages, from startups to mega-brands in steady state. We can help you define objectives and strategies that lead to growth and ROI.


This is the foundation for all marketing efforts. Whether you need refinement to your positioning, greater market place understanding or a full positioning workshop, we have programs to support your needs.

creative Development

Telling your story requires translation across a variety of mediums. We can help you cultivate insights and lead you through a process to deliver the best creative campaigns that motivate your target to take action.

strategy and planning

Strategy without a plan to execute is a nice piece of paper. A plan to execute without a strategy is a hamster wheel. We help you create both so you can deliver against your business goals.

simplifying complex stories

Most prospective buyers want to understand what they’re buying, but they’ll very rarely have as much background knowledge as you. It’s critical to translate scientific information into stories that resonate with your target.

digital marketing

To be successful, businesses need to reach consumers across touchpoints and actively move them through the funnel— in a way that engages and delights, not intrudes. We help map the optimal touchpoints with your stories to reach your goals.


Either you’re going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant.
— Seth Godin


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